What do you do here?

As far as what I do at the studio I wear just about every hat that we have here. I do a bit of everything.

Where are you from?

Earth, Phoenix, AZ

Favorite styles of music and/or production?

Rock, Alternative, Metal anything that has real instruments / players

Your Influences?

Musicians: Danny Carey, Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Mike Mangini, Gavin Harrison, Deftones, Filter, Tool, Shinedown way too many to list right now.

Professionals: Andy Wallace, Chris Lord Alge, Ted Jensen, George Massenburg, Rupert Neve, Les Paul

Some of your dreams?

To be a creative individual that leaves a mark on the earth.

Past experiences that help you at TallCat?

I enjoyed a run at working with the awesome team over at for a while as a producer for them. The last employer I worked for had a great group of people working for them however corporate America and myself don’t work well together. Hence TallCat 🙂

Life Mottos?

My elementary band teacher told me very early in life and it’s had a profound effect on me: “Practice makes permanent, not perfect.”

I like to be as light hearted as I can be but, you can lead a horse to water but, a bear can s@$# in the woods.

Everyday that I get the privilege of coming to such a fantastic place to do business with people that are some of the most kind and humble humans I’ve ever met I go home satisfied and ready for the next day. Let music take the wheel and steer life for a bit.

-Tom Whiting, owner

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