We have all been at a point where we think we could just do everything better on our own. We don’t get exactly what we expect or think we’re just better off alone. It’s just not true. We can try but we hit a ceiling flying solo. You won’t be able to do the things you want without learning the basic skill of teamwork and team building many production companies lack.
Justin and Tom
Here are a few official definitions of a team:
Wikipedia: team comprises a group of people or other animals linked in a common purpose
The Free Dictionary: group of people organized to work together
Oxford Dictionary: Two or more people working together
So you get it, it’s a group of people working together towards some common thing. Think you can do it solo? Try playing a show without having anyone to help you set up. Oh and all the songs you’re playing at this show? They’ll never be heard properly unless you have some media outlet to put them on.
I look around the studio all the time and realize the amazing teams and relationships that are being built with music and just positive conversation. I’ve finally gotten to see a piece of music start with pre-pro meeting and idea tossing, to hearing something being written, to tracking vocals, mixing, and mastering to the finished product. That alone is an orchestrated team of people who know exactly where they fit and a what they do. 
They couldn’t do that without trust only a real team can have in each other.



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