What do you do here?

Production, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Teaching, Coaching, Sound Design, Web Design, Partner

Where are you from?

Columbia, Maryland

Favorite styles of music and/or production?

Trip-Hop, Classic Rock, Alternative, Metal, Acid Jazz, Classical, Neo Soul

Your Influences?

Chris Lord-Alge, Danny Carey, Buddy Rich, Carter Beauford, John Bonham, Jojo Mayor, “Questlove”, The Beatles (all of ’em), Trent Reznor, Tom York, David Bowie, Dave Matthews, Maynard James Keenan, Mike Patton, Bjork, The Strokes, The Flaming Lips, Sia, Hiatus Kaiyote

Some of your dreams?

Influence The World To Support Music, Get a Grammy or Five, Start or Support Multiple Charities that Address the lack of musical education for Kids and Teens, Travel The World (or others, if possible).

Past experiences that help you at TallCat?

Toured with a band in the mid 2000s.  Started a home studio to record friends.  Managed in the car business and multiple pet resorts afterwords.

Life Mottos?

“Don’t count your hatchlings before they chicken.”

“Don’t shoot a fly with a shotgun.”

“Base your truth on facts.”

-Steve Burns

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