Last Updated: 4/23/14

Tom Whiting

Tom is the founder of TallCat Studios. Tom is a seasoned drummer and professional audio engineer / producer. He is also an avid video production producer / engineer. Tom enjoys session drumming, teaching, and beer.

Steven Burns

Steve is an owner and the admin for TallCat Studios. Steve is a multi-instrumentalist and a professional audio engineer / producer. He also works as producer for tv and film post production. Steve enjoys jamming with friends, mixing, and hearing himself talk.

Dana Mitchell

Dana is another owner and manages intern development. He was acquired by TallCat in mid 2009. He graduated with a degree in Audio Engineering from The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in 2009 and was hired by Tall Cat Studios 3 months later. He has went on to become one of the most prestigious & well known Arizona Hip Hop Producers in just a few short years. He has an ear for “what’s good” like none other. Everything he touches becomes un-deniably awesome. Dana enjoys producing original music, good fashion, and anything that injects copious nicotine.


Geno Pierpoint

Geno Pierpoint is one of the newer members of the Tallcat family. He is a producer for us. He has 13 years of playing guitar with influences of funk, soul, jazz and hip-hop. His easy going personality, funky sense of humor and expansive set of engineering/producing skills; makes collaboration an easy and enjoyable experience. Touring in a live soul/funk/hip-hop band and recording most of the arrangements of his group has allowed Geno to appreciate and understand the seriousness and passion that involves recording and producing music as an inspiring musician/artist.. Geno graduated from The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in 2007 and went on to finish his Bachelors Degree at ASU before joining with TallCat the summer of 2013.

Joe Harrington

Joe is an awesome engineer for TallCat. “Baking Soda” as been making instrumentals and recording hip hop since 2002. His performing career started at age 13 and ranged from school lunchrooms and hallways to 2000+ person gymnasiums. He picked up a pair of turntables by the age of 15, self taught himself how to DJ, and started gigging the following year. He moved around New England growing up and by age 18 he found himself in Boston attending The New England Institute of Art for his Bachelor of Science Degree in Audio and Media Technology. After being introduced to sound design in school, Baking Soda took a liking to creating his own sounds and soon dove into the EDM scene. Now in Arizona, he has gained some new inspiration and is ready to progress with the TallCat Team. Joe enjoys the club scene, awesome gear, and quarter notes.