Today I would like to touch on recording in a home studio set-up versus a professional recording studio like TallCat. This is not about dissing or putting artists to the side because of their set-ups, it’s simply an explanation of a few differences in quality, experience and support you’ll receive with each set-up.


Walking into a professional studio you’ll be faced with people who are experienced in the music business as a whole. If you find that is not your feelings on the place, you shouldn’t
be recording there. The people who are organized and disciplined enough to own a studio are already ahead of the game compared to a home studio set-up. Engineers are not simply brought in at random and producers do not have that power the day they walk in. Positions are earned and given at the time the company feels as though the person is capable enough to the quality of work the studio expects. Again, if those expectations of the studio do not meet yours, you should find a better recording studio to do the job you want, because great quality is out there! A home studio owner may have some of the basic experience but they are not at the same level what-so-ever as a professional engineer that’s been brought on.

Studio A live room Big2


Alongside professionalism the gear and acoustics are what really sets it off. Sure, you can buy a ton of really nice gear, but at TallCat we have gear that’s been pieced together and specifically searched for in order to have the best quality sound. An engineer can gather that gear at home but unless you want to rebuild your own house, you can’t beat the acoustics. For example, our live room has been so strictly designed to create top notch sound movement and reach. Studio A is basically just this beast you can create anything your heart desires in. Studio B is designed to have those acoustics as well as having a video editing set-up featuring a full-wall sized projector. Sorry but, home studios can’t keep up already.



Okay, so you’re not sold on the studio experience yet? There are amazing artists out there that just need some direction and support. One or two people working from home cannot take you where you want to go with your music. We work with artists to grow with them and support beyond the recording process. Then, we can do your music video with that equipment in Studio B. And lastly, help you publish and market yourself from Studio C/D across the hall. You can get a mediocre record, but we want to change the way the world hears music. So as appealing as $25 an hour sounds, you would be exponentially more satisfied with a professional recording.

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