In my first week working here at TallCat I was thrown into our live room with two interns and told to mic up this drum kit for a session they’d be doing in an hour. I had no idea that was even a thing I would have to be dealing with or hold any knowledge in. Needless to say, we struggled through it after constant directions from Steve and got the set up he wanted. I’d like to share with you some of his favorite mics to use when recording drums!

Neumann U87 for a room mic(click here for pic)

U87’s are greatly designed to be used in many studio application including recording, film, and broadcasting and therefore are a great addition to any collection for more than just drums.

AKG C414 for overheads(click here for pic)

These have a fantastic low end and a silky smooth top end.

The final mic is the SM 81 condenser(click here for pic)

The SM 81 is one of the few mics that is strong and rugged enough to hold up for live sound and stage use and still have great quality sound come from it all. Good choice.

Those are just a couple of the mics we use when we record drums along with preamps that can create such diverse results. So whenever you’re in the studio next, ask us what microphones we recommend for your project and we’ll help you set it up!


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