The Studio
Our 2,000  sq. ft. recording studio features two acoustically sound studio control rooms both outfitted with Pro Tools HD3, a wide range of analog outboard gear, and top notch plugins. With the help of some of the most qualified and talented engineers in Arizona, our studio offers a world class sound.
After recording, most projects will need editing.  Editing to create a clean, noise-free and well-timed mix. This step is where your recording is tuned to sound professional as possible. Editing is especially beneficial for commercial and film productions.
Your unique, identifiable “-sound-” is created in the mix. A clean mix gives the impression of a professional and refined artist. In a great mix, listeners will become lost in your sound. The instruments you want to hear will be at the forefront and balanced with one another properly. We specialize in creating mixes that helps your listeners, so they can enjoy every nuance of your sound. Feel free to ask us for samples specific to your genre!
We can record a full-length album or single tracks in any style for commercial release. TallCat has your covered with recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. From start to finish, we can guide you through every step until completion. Also, Don’t forget to ask about our full production rates!