Do your mixes need that extra something? Need to make that track hit harder? Let a fresh set of ears and top notch gear give your songs that extra magic and sparkle which sound consistent from system to system.
Make your next record better than you thought possible by hiring one of our experienced and talented producers to guide you along the way, taking your music to the next level. Every great song ever recorded had a producer behind it assisting with the creation of the song and/or album.
Song Writing
Sing but don’t play? Let us create a custom song tailored to your genre and voice. As well as being engineers and producers, our staff are talented musicians and have been writing, recording and producing for many years.
Session Musician
Have an audio recording but don’t have musicians to play the parts? TallCat has a large list of professional musicians for virtually every type of instrument. All musicians are approved and guaranteed by TallCat. Schedule a one on one meeting with us to discuss what type of instruments you need and what style of music will be played.
Artist Development
Production and training is offered to speed up artistic progress and career development. Whether you are getting started or a seasoned pro, we can lend our ears and talent to improve your marketability and further advance your career.
Vocal Arrangement
Captivate your listeners. Polish up your vocals: Harmonies, Melodies, Pads. We can help you get the most out of your lyrics and ideas for songs by working together to get the best performances and tone for your music. And of course we have auto tune. 🙂
Film Scoring
You have taken the time to make your script come to life on the screen and now it’s time to set the mood of each scene with a score to match. Let us take your audience from scene to scene with finesse or thunder. You tell us what emotion you are looking to evoke and we will make sure the score brings that out.
Music Composition
Are you in need of a custom jingle for your radio ad or TV commercial? We can create attention grabbing works for any genre you need.
Sound Beds/Background Music
We can produce background tracks in any style of music as well as sound FX. Perfect for radio shows, podcasts, and films. Whatever your background/sound bed music needs are, TallCat can provide it with the feel and quality you are looking for.
TallCat can you help write, produce and record original music for film, web, radio and on hold music.
Disc Duplication
Done with your project? We can get your CD/DVD duplicated or replicated without the normal hassle of media transfers. We can do short order runs of CDR duplications to bulk CD replication. Increase product sales while saving time and money.
Post Production
Spotting audio effects and dialog for film. Bring in a pre master of your album or song and we can step up the production of the material, sound design, etc.
Beat Production
Looking for a custom beat or a TallCat original? Our producers can help you make your next single a hit. We have access to hundreds of beats that can be used by you to create your next work of art. Schedule an appointment with us to take a listen.
Pre Production
Get the most out your songs by working with our staff to help refine and fine tune your songs. This will also insure that your songs are ready for the studio.
Need help with your own project studio or advice on taking your career to the next level? We can help you make plans and turn your goals into reality. We have years of experience in the music recording and video production industry that can help fast forward your projects or goals through some of the learning processes and hassles of starting up.
Instrument Rental
All of TallCat’s instrument inventory is available for rent at fair and flexible rates.


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