Throughout the years, TallCat has accumulated two Grammy Nominations and has worked with the likes of Estelle, ShineDown, Cisco, Plies, SoulFly, Tina Marie, Booker T., Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, and many more including 1000s of talented independent artists.


Tom Whiting founded TallCat Studios in 2001.  TallCat started as a small studio inside the basement of Tom’s house before catering to the demand for a full-sized recording studio. Construction of the full-sized studio was completed mid 2006. (current location) TallCat Studios is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.  The continued success of TallCat Studios can be 100% attributed to the talented and wonderful staff who devote their lives to continue their dream with TallCat Studios.


The future of TallCat Studios is bright. In August 2013 TallCat started a publishing division. Since, TallCat Studios has been accumulating a diverse and attractive portfolio. The vision for TallCat, is to continue to add to this portfolio with the most talented artists available.  Those artists will be able to reap the full benefits of our experienced production team, the ability to place their music, and the unanticipated attention regularly received by our artists. The goal is to help artists create great content by making sure they can get paid well for creating such great content.  Wouldn’t that be nice???

The Environment

TallCat Studio’s 2,200 square foot studio includes two audio recording control/mixing rooms, two vocal rooms, one video production room, a lounge, and a large live recording room.  The control rooms are obvious slaves to constant musical bombardment, and the staff is accommodating and excited to continue such bombardment as soon as possible!  TallCat Studios cares about the success of your projects and our extensive collection of analog and digital gear can help ensure your are represented with an undeniably awesome sound.