When it comes to starting a project at the studio or taking your projects to the next level at every step remember the 5 P’s

  • Proper
  • Preperation
  • Prevents
  • Poor
  • Performance

Several years ago one of the producers at the studio mentioned this great phrase and it’s always stuck with me. In all your endeavors with audio or video projects getting the most out of your ideas takes the 5 P’s. If you break it down literally at every step your gains become increasingly better. So before breaking ground on a project make sure you know exactly what you are going for. Ask yourself the questions: What am I wanting to achieve? What can I do at every step to increase my abilities and those that I am working with to make my project turn out the way that I want it to?
When explaining what you are wanting to do with one of the producers at the studio one of the best things you can do is bring examples of your past works current works and other artists material that you see your project sounding like sonically and style wise. Break it down by instrument so bring a example where you really like the way the drums sound and another example of any other instruments that you are planning to incorporate into your project. Work with your producer to get in sync with the production process if there are any areas that you might not completely understand go over it with them they will be more than happy to explain what steps to take to make it happen!

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